WAY Runs for Youth Empowerment


We Run for Youth Empowerment

For the fourth consecutive year, Palestine is on the sportís international calendar again. Palestinians are calling for their right & the freedom of movement for the past 68 years. A Palestinianís movement is restricted with a permit, an apartheid separation 8 feet tall wall, an ID, more than 600 checkpoint, etc. For this, Al-Tawwon and the Welfare Association for Youth (WAY) have been supporting the Palestine Marathonís message since the beginning. In 2014, Al-Taawon has supported the Palestine Marathon with $52,000. As for this year, Al-Taawon team alongside WAY will be participating in the Marathon to call for the end of restricting the movement of the Palestinian human & confirms the Palestinianís positive and determinant rooted character and love for life. 


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