WAY Summit- May 2015


On Thursday, May 21st Welfare Association for Youth (WAY) held its annual summit attended by a group of WAY & WA members in addition to featuring a group of inspirational & creative youth led initiatives.

The Summit emphasized WAYs goals of promoting positive development of youth activities and encouraged productive engagement as stressed on importance of connecting with Palestinians around the world. Moreover, the Summit encompassed reflection on WAYs past events, planning for the upcoming events for 2015-2016 and introducing future networking and partnership opportunities such as the Palestinian Regeneration Team (PART), introduced by Yara Sharif, which is a design-led research group searching for creative and responsive spatial possibilities in Palestine, PIVOT, introduced by Asma Jaber, which is a mobile start up from Palestine looks at places in past times using virtual reality, & finally EmpowerGAZA,  introduced by Tarek Loubani, which is an initiative to collect funds to provide Solar Power for Gaza Hospitals.

Lastly, we would like to thank each participant for showing up & dedicating their times & efforts to make WAY Summit 2015 as successful & productive as it can be. We are looking forward to having you with us in the coming events so we can together  pave our WAY to Palestine.


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