WAY Volunteering Day in Al Walajeh

02/05/2015 The Welfare Association for Youth (WAY), in partnership with The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature and Palestinian Voluntary Work Committee, have organized WAY’s first activity in Palestine as a part of the one million tree campaign. The activity gathered volunteers for a day to support those whose lands are endangered of confiscation in the Palestinian village of Al Walajah.


This activity stems from WAY’s belief in the importance of volunteer work and getting back in touch with the land. Additionally, it emphasizes WAY Palestine chapter’s determination to organize events and activities that have a direct impact on Palestinian society.


In accordance to that, on Saturday 2nd of May, 90 youths from all over Palestine participated in planting 1,500 fruit trees in the threatened lands of the Abed Rabboh family. The activity was concluded by enjoying a traditional Palestinian meal, “Mujadarah," in the grandiose atmosphere of Al Walaja's mountainous view.


It’s important to note that through such activities the Welfare Association for Youth seeks to raise awareness amongst Palestinian youth about what the farmers and the landlords, whose lands are endangered by confiscation, face everyday. It also exists to provide support, as WAY strongly believes in the role of Youth as active agents of change and positive contributors to sustaining the development of the Palestinian society.

WAY is part of the Welfare Association (WA), a group of youth separated by borders, yet united by one dream. We established the Welfare Association for Youth (WAY) in 2009 to shed light on and promote the identity, culture, and heritage of the Palestinian youth worldwide. We come together to help build a strong, sustainable, and self-determined Palestinian community, paving the way for humanitarian development.

The Welfare Welfare Association (WA)  is an independent non-profit organization established in 1983 by a group of Palestinian business owners and intellectuals to provide development and humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in the West Bank including Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the 1948 areas, and the Palestinian communities in Lebanon.

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature seeks to strengthen the capacities of Arab peoples to sustain and control their natural resources, especially those living under occupation and armed conflicts. 

We would like to thank HD Vision for documenting the event.


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