Women Empowerment Photography Contest

Following the great success of past photography contests, “Gaza in Your Eyes” that aspired to bring out our youth’s love of life,...

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Shirin Fund

The Shirin fund was established in 2007 by WA with support from a private donor in the UK, in memory of her daughter, Shirin, to assist Palestinian children with special needs who require medical or surgical procedures but whose families are not able to afford the costs of hospitalisation. The children receive treatment at Makassed Charitable Hospital and the funds are intended to cover otherwise unaffordable expenses of specialised hospital care. Support has been provided for children with nutritional problems, diabetes, cardiac, orthopaedic, and respiratory problems.

Through this fund we have been able to help children like Zein (pictured above), a 9 month old boy, who was born with a small hole in his heart. He is from a family of 13, who all live in a 3 bedroom house in Marj Naja in the Jordan valley in Jericho. Zein’s father is employed in agricultural work but he does not earn enough money to cover all of the medical costs for these critical surgeries. It was through additional support from the Shirin Fund that Zein was able to be admitted into Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem and undergo surgery. Following his successful surgery in December 2012 he returned home to welcome in the New Year with his family. The family were very happy and relieved that Zein successfully completed his surgery. Please donate to this appeal and help provide crucial medical care and treatment for children like Zein in Palestine.

Our WA colleagues and Makassed Hospital staff in Jerusalem kindly donate their time to manage this special project, so ALL funds received will go directly to support children with special needs.

The Art Bus Project

Due to the political situation the Palestinian people are living under military occupation. This means at the very least, hours spent at checkpoints, complex restrictions on who can live where, with the Apartheid wall cutting families off from other family members, cutting towns and cities in pieces, cutting families off from their land planted with olive trees, making it impossible for the majority of Palestinians to access community centers where they can access services for therapy and healing. In order to provide these desperately needed services for therapy, there will be a bus that can go to the people in need. It will be staffed with well-trained experts in delivering expressive arts therapy

Welfare Association 2014 Gaza appeal- Together we stand for Gaza

Playgrounds for Psychosocial Support, Rehabilitate and Activate Public in Deir el Balah in the center of the Gaza strip (2014-2015)


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