Women Empowerment Photography Contest

Following the great success of past photography contests, “Gaza in Your Eyes” that aspired to bring out our youth’s love of life,...

Past Supported Projects

Madeline’s Boat
The inspirational Madeline Kulab chose to be the first young fisher woman in Gaza standing against all hardships to support her family. We supported her to achieve a better life for her family by providing her with a proper and safe fishing boat.

Kidney Dialysis Ward
Part of our efforts to meet Palestinian communities’ needs, we donated Kidney Dialysis machines to a hospital in Ramallah.

The Friendly Learning Spaces project
We organized the Cycling for Gaza 2011 event in Jordan and helped fund it to implement the Friendly Learning Spaces Project, which aims to improve the learning environment for children with special needs living in marginalized areas in Gaza.
  • Psychological support activities
    We delivered supported one-to-one therapy sessions to 36 children in Gaza, and 72 family counseling sessions to the families of these children.

  • Recreational/Therapeutic Activities
    We arranged seven recreational trips for 253 children to places such as: parks, the zoo, tourist resorts, and the beach.

Disabled Children Club for Educational and Social Support Project
The Cycling for Gaza 2011 event funded this project to improve the lives of children with learning disabilities in Gaza, helping them reach their full potential.
The "Mustaqbali" program in Gaza
To empower the children who have been orphaned by the 2008-2009 war on Gaza, we have supported this 22-year program created by WA. It aims to give them an opportunity to live a normal life by covering their school fees, offering them thorough medical examinations, improving the mental and social conditions of them and their mothers, as well as raising health and nutrition awareness among their families.
Project for Supporting Youth’s Sports and Social Activities and Talents in Jerusalem’s Endangered Areas, Silwan
This project, with a time span of 12 months, targets around 200 8-16 year old, an age group considered to be the largest proportion of the population of Silwan. This project has been created to promote a spirit of innovation and build creative characters capable of facing all challenges threatening the city of Silwan.

Ishraqat” Project for Developing Children’s Talents in Jerusalem
Aiming to unleash the creative artists within children, we have supported the “Yabous” Center in this project for 8-17 year old living in marginalized areas in the city of Jerusalem.


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